The loss of facial volume caused by weigh loss of the tisuues as well as caused by the loss of osseous volume is one of the signs of aging. The fat we have got under our skin is lost gradually above all in the face and the hands. So the eyes look deep in the face and small, the jaw accentuates as well as the cheeknones…This loss of volume can be mend through the infiltration or implantation of fat in the zone which need it, this process in known as facial lipostructure.

Among the advantages this procedure present we can say that it is long-lasting and totally biocompatible due to the fact that it is fat from our own body.

Is this the surgery I want? Is this an effective surgery?

In case you require the restoration of some parts of your facial characteristics which have been deteriorating due to the passage of time this is a technique which can help you.

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Local + Sedation
Duration of the procedure:
2 hours
Discharge in the afternoon (Outpatient surgery)
You must wait:
Inflammation until the third month
Final result:
Immediate, although the inflammation can last several weeks
Duration of result:

Surgery and anesthetic

This procedure must be made in a hospital or a clinic either with local anaesthetic or sedation or under general anaesthetic.

Firstly, the fat tissue is taken from areas such as the abdomen, from the flanks o the thighs in a very careful way in order to prevent fat cells from breaking. That is why an specific cannula equipment must be used.

Once we have the fat implant the process will be specially individualized depending on the necessities of the facial anatomy.

Through thin cannulas the fat will be introduced in those areas where it is required in a very scrupulous way raising the volume and reducing flaccidity.

After Surgery (Post-operative)

You will have to avoid aggressive movements in the area where the implants have been made to facilitate the fixation.

There could be minor discomforts easily treatable.

During the first few days you might have the feeling of inflammation in the treated areas. You will have to weigh the inflammation to diminish and the fat fixation.

You will have to weight around 3-4 months to have the definite results.

Due to the fact that it is your own fat it will behave as you behave so that you will have to avoid fluctuation in you weight higher than 10-12 kg because this areas could also raise their volume.


Complications in this kind of surgery are exceptional because of its biocompatibility.

Infection can rarely be presented or haematomas which will be reabsorbed quickly. Google