The cutaneous injection of different types of substance-medication is known as mesotherapy or mesoplasty.

The mesotherapy techniques increase face elasticity, reduce erythema, thin wrinkles and pigmentation alterations.

There is a wide range of medication and other ingredients (herbs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chemical derivates…) available for their use in mesotherapy. However, a very limited number of these are approved by FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) or other international agencies for its intra skin, that is the reason why we have to be very cautious with the substances we use in our body in order to avoid complications.

Dermal injection of mainly vitamins and hyalouronic acid had the potential of improving the look of your face increasing skin elasticity.

Injection technique

The face is treated through superficial injections of a multivitamins solution mixed with non-conjugated hyalouronic acid. Approximately it is injected 0.01 ml from the solution with a 1.15 mm needle in 1 cm intervals all through the face, around 100 pinches each session.

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Mesoterapia: How does it work in my skin?

The mechanical damage caused as a result of the micropuncture made, together with the ingredients put, create a ‘repaired zone’ of new collagens (neocolagenesis) in your skin. Indicated in:





How often does the treatment have to be repeated?

3 sessions every 15 days are done and after that another session each month and a half or two months.

Are there any secondary effects?

The secondary effects are transitory and they include some bleeding and erythemas in pinched areas.

The high levels of purity reduce the risks of irritation after injection.


Patients inform about improvement in skin tone and smoothness. Howeer, this effect is transitory and therefore the treatment should be continuous. Apart from that, the vitamins A, E, D, C and B allow enhancement of the hydration fighting against ageing. Google