Solutions used in peelings are formed by pure acids of progressive and controlled liberation, stimulating the skin in the dermis level this way. The skin is the organ which protects us from the outer aggression during all our lives working as wrapping of our body. We cannot forget that the skin is the most important beauty capital of our body and it needs of constant regeneration. That is the reason why the skin has to be cared and protected.

In order to prevent and treat the skin problems and to stop the ageing effects, we can help the skin with peelings apart from daily care. Current peelings are considered safe and efficient treatments. And they don’t need previous preparation.

It is true that, with time, the skin loses its regenerative qualities progressively and its elasticity and flexibility.

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Through this kind of procedures a regeneration of the skin is obtained. There are many different types of compounds, acting each in different depth so the recovery periods are also different.

Skin layers

Epidermis. It is the outer layer of the skin. It’s more superficial part is made of dead cells which allow impermeability. In its deeper zone, cells are multiplied to replace those which have been eliminated.

Dermis. It is a complex structure, form by cells swimming in a hydrate environment, plenty of collagen, hyalouronic acid and elastic.

Hipodermis. The deepest layer. It is formed mainly by fat. Dermis youth determines the age of the skin in its whole.

Graph that shows the layers of the skin to better understand the different types of Peeling

Kinds of peeling

Depending on the depth of the skin treated, there are superficial, medium and deep peelings:

Superficial – Easy Phytic Solution


It is a superficial peeling with retarded action for the people who don’t want or can allow a visible flaking. Your skin will be more uniform due to its reinforcement effect.

Ideal for public events, weddings… remember to do it 3 days before.

Medium deep (4 sessions). Easy TCA.


Excellent tolerance. It is done in 4 sessions, one session per week. You don’t need to retire socially, a bid advantage, being able to continue your activities as usual

Medium deep (1 session) – unideep.


Optimal for those who wish a quick result. Made in only one session. In one session, you will obtain the same 4 session result with easy TCA, requiring a social retirement during 5-7 days

Deep – only touch.

Deep – only touch.

It treats ageing spots and located and benign queratosis in face, hands and body, always if they are inferior to 1 cm diameter. Afterwards, medium-deep peeling will be applied for a uniform result.

Eyes and lip contour.

Deep peeling for deep wrinkles around lips and eyelids. Social life will not be easy due to scab and your face will be swelled due to its location. Social retirement for about 8 days.

The skin lives and we have to take care of it

Hyperthermia (due to solar exposition)
Alcohol and exciting products
Stripper gels and soap
Free radicals (UV rays, smoke, pollution)
Solar abuse
Poor hygiene
Enough rest
Thorough cleanliness
Balance alimentation
Beauty care


-Chrono and photo ageing
-Non inflammatory and inflammatory acne
-Scar and pigmentation sequels
-Melasma and other hyperpigmentations
-Actinic Queratosis

Depending on the penetration power of the chemical substance more layers of the skin will be eliminated. The deeper, the better effects and the more lasting results.

Postpeeling care

Postpeeling always requires:

-Hydration in the following 2-3 days in order to allow flaking; apply as many times as needed the recommended moisturising cream as long as you feel skin tension.
-Fotoproteccion total.
-Depending on its depth a cream will have to be applied to avoid hyperpigmentation.

-Don’t take the scab out, they must fall on their own.
-Anti inflammatory and analgesics are not contraindicated in any time during the recovery (e.g. ibuprofen, diclofenaco, paracetamol…)
-Patients with cold-sore precedents in the lips or any other part of the face will have to do prophylaxis with antiviral treatment. Google